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Phil Doyle

My wife, Carol, and I have turned our passion for travel toward helping others to plan the perfect vacation. We have cruised well over 65 times on over a dozen different cruise lines and 33 different ships. At last count, we have visited more than 110 cruise ports worldwide. We are also on-board hosts for the Travel Leaders Distinctive Voyage program.
This personal experience makes it possible for us to direct clients to just the right cruise vacation. You will notice that we ask a lot of questions before suggesting a particular ship or cruise line. Our motto is “There are no bad cruises, just guests who bought the wrong cruise.” Cruising is the best travel value available today, but there are big differences between cruise lines and ships. Finding a cruise that matches your lifestyle and interests is where our experience makes all the difference.
A family or group cruise vacation is one of the largest purchases most families make. The investment deserves more than a short call to a busy call center or a few clicks on a travel web site. Call us today and see what personal service from an experienced agent feels like!