Why you should book your next trip with a KVI Travel Agent

Why you should book your next trip with a KVI Travel Agent

It has been very challenging for the travel industry in the past few years. Covid was something that nobody expected but certainly affected everyone. Big travel companies had many issues, unhappy people trying to get their money back from millions of trip cancellations.
We support every client to rebook their trips, get refunds, spending hours on the phone because we go above and beyond for our clients.

With over 20 years of experience, KVI Travel Experts are knowledgeable professionals in the industry. And there are many reasons why you should book your next trip with us.

The Expertise

No one knows everything except for google. You can probably find a good deal online to go on a cruise or a vacation package, but how does that pretty good deal match your interest? Are you 100% sure that all your family members will enjoy the trip? What about the cancellation policy? What is the best time of the year to travel to your destination? And we can go on and on with questions. KVI Travel Experts are continuously learning about the changes in the industry and new destinations to save you time and money.
Most of our team have a background in the airline and the cruise industry;
So we know more than any other travel Professional. Kvi Travel Experts are fully licensed and accredited by IATA and CLIA.
Why should you spend hours searching for a good deal when someone else can do it for you? Exactly, right!

The Value


We believe every time you travel, you invest. So we hold numerous contracts with suppliers to offer the best rates to all our clients. With KVI Travel Interline rates, the price of your cruise can drop between 50 % to 80% percent.
KVI TRAVEL also gets access to last-minute sales and exclusive promotions that usually are not advertised online.


The Service

Customer service seems to be forgotten in the past couple of years since everything is online. Booking a trip looks so simple and easy.
So why should I need a Kvi travel agent? What if you are at the airport with your entire family and the flight gets cancelled. Or you want to upgrade your cabin on a luxury cruise to surprise your wife.
We will be there with you; with more than 100 agents worldwide, we will take care of every detail of your trip. When you call us, you talk to a real travel agent; we don’t have a call center or a machine to answer your
We support our clients in every step of the trip with No fees and No waiting time.


The Extras

Who doesn’t love to be upgraded when you book a cabin on a cruise or a hotel room? We all love that! Our experts can get exclusive upgrades based on demand and capacity with selected brands.
You can book a trip with one of our KVI travel experts or join them on KVI Hosted Voyages. Enjoy a premium luxury service on board with a travel agent onsite. For more details about the exclusive benefits of sailing with us, click here…


Forget the planning

Planning a small birthday party for your dog is easy. But, unfortunately, planning a wedding for over 50 people in the Caribbean is not. Booking rooms, flights, and finding the perfect wedding venue is far more work than it looks. Our travel experts are aware of the latest trends in wedding destinations. And depending on your style, we can walk through the best options and recommendations to make the bride happy.

Are you celebrating a wedding anniversary soon? Maybe a golf trip to Europe?
We can help you plan the perfect trip/celebration.

There are many reasons you should book with us; your safety and satisfaction are the priority to make your trip unforgettable. We work as a team to ensure you have the best time, whether you are booking a holiday resort, cruise or group trip. Our promise is always to provide the best service assisting you before, during and after your trip.

Please click here to contact a travel agent near you for questions and inquiries.