Outside Agent

I am Christian Gehring and my passion is to travel and to make sure my clients have the most memorable experience on their vacation and of course at the best value available.


Having worked in travel and hospitality for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to travel extensively and love for my clients to benefit from my experience and industry contacts.


Every traveler is different and I ask my clients many questions so I truly understand what it is important to them, so that I can find the perfect fit as there is a multitude of options out there. Inexpensive is not always the key, it is value and what you experience. My role is to find what is perfect for you and there is the right fit for everyone and all of it without any booking fees.


I specialize in cruises, hotels, tours and small groups or family vacations but am experienced in all forms of travel so I can answer all your questions and present you with that perfect trip.


I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Let’s experience what’s out there!