Outside Agents

We are George and Rose Rollins, Team Rollins, with KVI Travel.  Previously we served 3 years with Interline Allstars as cruise consultants and are excited now to merge with the KVI Travel team bringing with us over 35 years of travel industry experience.  George is a military veteran and had an outstanding career with Delta Air Lines that included assignments in many areas of the company.  Rose flew as a flight attendant with World Airways that took her to many remote and exciting places around the world.  Together we now use our past travel knowledge and experiences to help create individual and unique travel opportunities for others that are tailored specifically to their desires and wishes.


At Team Rollins we are service oriented and know that our clients are our most valued asset.  That is why we always first listen to their needs and then provide the knowledge and guidance to help make their travel an enjoyable and memorable experience.


As travel consultants, we offer a seamless travel experience that does not stop at the booking process but rather continues with every aspect of travel including booking transportation, hotel accommodations, excursions and any other special needs that our clients may have.


We believe in going the extra mile and will do so for you.  By leaving the details to Team Rollins, one call makes your dream vacation a reality!




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