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Kim Pantalena

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My name is Kim and I am a travel advisor dedicated to offering airline employee discounts to active and retired employees, as well as their spouses and parents of airline employees. My husband Ron is a pilot with Delta Air Lines. We have eight children and five grandchildren. We have been on many, many cruises with every single one of them being an INTERLINE rate. We’ve cruised alone, with children, with grandchildren, and with grandparents. We’ve done Mediterranean, Alaska, Panama Canal, Bermuda, and every which way in the Caribbean. We even managed to be Family of the Day on a Disney Cruise (who knew that there even was such a thing!)

As an airline family, we tended to be a little bit on the “frugal” side (like “I scored a free pen at the hotel” frugal.) But it wasn’t that we wouldn’t spend money. We just wanted to spend the least amount of money for the most amount of travel. I am trained in ocean and river cruising. But interline deals catch my eye every time (sometimes to the chagrin of my husband.)  I appreciate being part of the travel industry and thankful for this fabulous benefit. Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

And lastly, I speak “interline” and “pilot wife” with a wee bit of “pilot” and I understand how we travel.