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An interline price is a specially reduced fare offered by a cruise line, often to get last-minute help with filling up ships that have significant space left onboard in the weeks just prior to the sailing date. These rates are provided via KVI primarily to travel industry partners (airline employees/retirees) and often also to employees of courier companies and the military. In many cases these rates can be extended to family and friends of interliners as well.

Interliners qualify for 1, 2, or more cabins at the interline rates, regardless of who else is traveling, as long as the interliner or an immediate family member is one of the travelers. Each cruise line has a specific set of eligibility rules. Please see below if you would like to read their specific interline rate eligibility rules.


Every cruise line has a specific eligibility policy for interline rates. These policies change from time to time and sometimes are not 100% clear. If there is ever any doubt about eligibility in your particular circumstance, you must always contact your personal KVI Travel Professional (or contact head office at 1-888-768-6777 / [email protected]) prior to booking. Any booking made on the KVI website that turns out to be ineligible for the interline rate may be automatically re-fared to the current retail fare and subject to significant penalties.

» CLICK HERE for the current interline eligibility requirements for each cruise line.


In general, 'interline' is something that really only applies to the cruise lines. Hotels, Resorts and Tour Operators occasionally offer 'interline' rates, but in most cases, they are just retail specials with an 'interline' label on them. KVI has access to virtually every promotional rate available for these kinds of suppliers, 'interline' or otherwise. In virtually every case there are no eligibility requirements.

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