60 years of history


“Just like the grand hoteliers and innkeepers of yesterday, our hoteliers and chefs add their own personal touch to the places they have created, and into which they breathe life day after day.”

Jaume Tàpies  –  Owner, El Castell De Ciutat, Spain


Our history is delightful, telling of men and women who take over a charming hotel, an outstanding restaurant, and then join forces to share their enthusiasm with others. This history dates back to 1954. Sixty years ago, Marcel and Nelly Tilloy, a couple of music-hall artists who owned La Cardinale, a hotel and restaurant on the right bank of the Rhône, came up with the idea of advertising eight properties under the slogan ‘La Route du Bonheur’. Eight totally different houses, all authentic and inhabited, each with its own personality, located away from towns on the road from Paris to Nice, they were all united by shared values: top quality amenities, outstanding fine dining and their own particular ideas about the Art of Living. This union of kindred spirits merged together to create the most prestigious hotel Association in the world: Relais & Châteaux. Today, nearly 562 Members are to be found along 140 Routes du Bonheur in 67 countries, all sharing the same enthusiasm. “Hoteliers, restaurateurs must speak from the heart”, was Marcel Tilloy’s recommendation. This was 60 years ago and that belief is still alive today.



Relais & Châteaux values and experiences 


Relais & Châteaux is defined by the values it shares with its members throughout the world.

A local anchor – Our properties are the living expression of a place, its history, environment and culture.

The human aspect – The Relais & Châteaux spirit lies not only in the respect shown toward one’s hosts and colleagues but also toward the men and women who evolve around our properties and embody the places and cultures they are part of.

 Sharing  – Every Maître de Maison conveys his or her passion to our customers…

Commitment – Relais & Châteaux Members help to enrich the history of cuisine and hospitality.

The experiences one has at Relais & Châteaux properties give one the feeling of total immersion in a place and its culture, allowing them to be discovered from up close with all that they have to offer. The attentiveness and sincerity of our team give you a sense of enjoyment that comes paired with respect for every person’s privacy, all through a warm and privileged relationship.