Benefits of Booking with a KVI Travel Agent

Benefits of Booking with a KVI Travel Agent

Booking with a KVI Travel Agent will change for good the way your travel.

We know: there is a lot that goes into planning and booking a vacation. Especially after Covid, we are now facing other travel challenges. Flight delays, cancellations, and missing luggage are only a few examples.

Have you ever worried about missing your connecting flight? Choosing the right accommodation? Picking the right cruise for you or whether it’s the right time of year to travel, then a travel agent might be worth a second thought.

5 Benefits of Booking with a KVI Travel Agent

With over 20 years of experience, KVI Travel Experts are knowledgeable professionals in the industry. And there are many reasons why you should book your next trip with us!

Travel PlanningToday, everything is accessible and available online. But is it really? Many websites claim that by booking with them, you are saving money. However, most of the time this is far from the truth. Think about all the extras, in the end, it’s not that cheap.

When it comes to planning a vacation, it’s easy to think that you are an excellent planner.

After all, you are the only one who knows exactly what you want to do, see, and experience. So, you research different destinations and book a short vacation for you to enjoy. You’ve chosen accommodations, flights, tours, etc. and everything seems as if it’s good to go. However, after you arrive at your destinations, you have minor flare-ups and you’re stuck stressing about your next move. Maybe the online provider didn’t disclose that the resort was under renovation, or the main pool will be closed while you are there.

Benefit of booking with a KVI travel agent: Chilling at the resortLet’s be honest for a second… at this moment, you’d rather have a KVI Travel Agent by your side, one call or message away from fixing the issue.

Our team is trained to handle not only the planning part of a vacation but also any minor inconvenience that may come up. They are available for you to call, text, or email at any given moment in case of any inconvenience. This way, you can continue indulging in your cocktail on the beach knowing you are being fully taken care of.

Are you still not convinced that booking with a KVI Travel Agent is the answer to all your travel needs?


Here is a list of the top 5 benefits of booking with us:

Benefit of booking with a KVI travel agent: save money. Money can grow like plants. 1. MONEY SAVING

One of the most common misconceptions is that booking with a travel agent will cost you more. However, travel agents can make you save money because they have access to every deal and promotion on the market and can help you choose the best one. As one of the top interline travel agencies, we hold several contracts with special rates for airline employees, retirees, and great family and friend discounts. This will not only save you money, but you will also get more for your money.


KVI Travel Agents are there for you before, during, and after your trip. They are the most trusted and reliable assistance when it comes to planning and organizing your next vacation.  Every complaint or problem that might come up, they are ready to jump in and help turn your inconveniences around. For instance, imagine you booked a vacation in Miami this time of the year and got caught in the middle of a storm or hurricane with no insurance.  A travel agent will give assist you at any time of the day to organize new travel arrangements faster than any online booking company.

Benefit of booking with a KVI travel agent: make the best memories.


We have exclusive access to every perk and benefit on the market, some of which you don’t know to exist. They have your best interests in mind while planning every detail of your vacation. Cruises and airlines, however, have their own interests that benefit them more than you. Instead, travel agents will provide options and expert advice on what suits their clients best in every aspect. Also, keep in mind that some experiences and tours are available only through a KVI Travel Agent. Furthermore, agents will offer unique perks (e.g. TLN Amenities) that a cruise line will not. Don’t believe us, ask any travel agent!

Benefit of booking with a KVI travel agent: convenience.  4. CONVENIENCE

Another great benefit is all the time you save by choosing our agency to plan your vacation. Spending long hours researching vacation deals on your computer often leads to frustration and no results. Everything looks cheap until you need to pay for your flight seat, luggage, insurance, and any additional cost.

KVI Travel Agents are experienced in most parts of the world and can offer first-hand knowledge of popular destinations. They can take care of everything you might need to meet all your requests. As a result, you are stress-free and saving precious hours!


Travel agents are professionals when it comes to personalizing each vacation. You are guaranteed to have each experience, accommodation, and tour tailored to meet your individual needs and create your ideal vacation. This is all thanks to their inside knowledge, experience, and established relationships with suppliers. They know exactly what you will get and can help you enjoy a stress-free vacation.

Are you celebrating your wedding anniversary soon? Maybe a golf trip to Europe next year?

We can help you plan the perfect trip and celebration.

What are you waiting for?

Contact one of our KVI Travel Agents today and enjoy your best vacation yet! That is until the next one of course!

Benefit of booking with a KVI travel agent: just travel and discover beauties around the world.

Contact us to learn more and plan your next travel!