Kelly Peel

Outside Agent

TRAVEL SPECIALTIES: Cruise, Families, Solo Travellers, Honeymoons, Babymoons.
TRAVEL DESTINATIONS: Europe, French Polynesia, South America (Brazil) North America, Iceland, The Artic and Antarctica


Hello future vacationer! I have partnered with KVI Travel  for a unique business that provides dream vacations exclusively for airline employees and their families, members of the military and those who love to travel.  I am a recently retired flight attendant of 33 years and understand the challenges and limitations that come with planning vacations around busy work schedules. KVI Travel has created a solution that allows airline employees and avid travlers to enjoy hassle-free, memorable vacations that fit their unique needs.

My partnership with KVI Travel was born from my own frustrations with trying to plan vacations while working  around the globe. I recognized that many airline employees and military members face similar issues, such as limited time off and unpredictable schedules. To solve this problem, I specifically cater to airline employees, their families, members of the military as well as luxury travel for retail clients. I use my insider knowledge and connections within the travel industry to provide customized vacation packages that meet the needs and preferences of each individual client.

I offer a variety of vacation options, including all-inclusive resort stays, adventure tours, safaris, and cruises to exotic destinations around the world. What sets us apart from other travel agencies is the attention to detail and personalization of each trip. I will work closely with clients to create itineraries that are tailored to their preferences and schedules. I can also take care of all the logistical details, such as arranging transportation and accommodations, so that clients can focus on enjoying their vacation.

One of our unique features is the ability for airline employees and military to take advantage of discounted rates and exclusive perks. KVI Travel has negotiated special deals with hotels, resorts, safaris, and cruise lines that are only available to our clients. This allows clients to stretch their vacation budget further and experience more luxurious vacations than they may have thought possible. KVI Travel has received glowing reviews from satisfied clients who appreciate the personalized service and hassle-free experience. As the travel industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s prime time to take advantage of some amazing trips.

 By providing customized, stress-free vacations we will undoubtedly become a go-to destination for airline employees, their families, members of the military  and anyone looking for their next dream vacation.